Our organization

was founded with the aim of helping and reducing the suffering of the patients and their family members with the clear knowledge that the help and assistance saves and adds lives and gives strength to the patient to face the path to strong health.

We focus on every corner and help and place that can ease and reduce the suffering of the patients and their families around them. The activity is carried out by hundreds of our volunteers who work at any time to provide assistance that adds life in a variety of ways. The assistance is given by the hundreds of volunteers with love and joy and wholeheartedly to each and every one, and every year they help tens of thousands of young and old people, women and men,

Our main goal is to show and feel that oncology is not a final sentence but a stage in life that needs to be passed. Therefore we will always try to help with medicines along with helping the sick children who so badly want to get well and go to school and friends... and moral and educational psychological support for patients and their families as well as creating programs and various social and creative events for children and their families.

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